Go Organic: Your Turnover Will Grow!

How can retailers and distributors profit from the positive sales trend of organic food products and expand their business?  By introducing new brands, or new products, or offering the organic variety of their standard range.

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Italian olive oil in 2017: (not) raining on our parade!

All sources agree that this year’s olive harvest in Italy will bring about a high-quality oil, but in a much lower quantity; the amount will be about half of that produced in 2015.

One of the reasons for this lower yield has been the adverse weather conditions, which will ultimately raise the price paid by the consumer. Read more

50 billion Euros of Italian Agri-food export by 2020. Great news!

In our previous post we wrote that Italy has set itself the ambitious but achievable goal to increase Agri-food product export to 50 billion euros by 2020.

This is really good news for consumers of Italian products in the world and also for companies that will import and distribute.

The goal really seems attainable for at least two reasons.

Firstly, there is concrete commitment of the Italian Government, which in the 2015 budget law provided a significant allocation of 220 million euros related to the propagation of “made in Italy”. Read more

Italian milk in Italian cheese. Very soon, hopefully!

It may soon become compulsory to indicate the origin of the used milk on labels of all Italian dairy products. The Italian Government has already sent the text of the decree to Brussels for evaluation and approval by the EU authority.

One should remember that the EU has always opposed to this request, judged detrimental to competition and free circulation of goods. The opposition of the EU has actually produced the result of defending the exports of the countries of northern Europe, constantly increasing, which caused a collapse in milk prices on the Italian market, with damage and numerous protests by Italian manufacturers.

If the Italian initiative will be accepted by the European community, it will denote a big step in favour of the defence of authentic “made in Italy”, and moreover a true help to milk producers and to the Italian economy.


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June 1st, 2016

“Italian Sounding”: much ado about …what, precisely?

The phenomenon of Italian sounding in the food sector or, in other words, products that by name or shape seem to be Italian without being so, has assumed considerable dimensions: authoritative sources have estimated that the “fake Italian” market is now worth 60 billion Euros per year, about 1.8 times the tangible Italian food export. Consequently, one is driven to declare that this phenomenon is causing enormous damage to our economy, including the loss of about 300,000 jobs. In some cases, there is also an opinion that believes “Italian sounding” only means fraud that shrewd entrepreneurs in every corner of the world perpetrate against millions of naive consumers.

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