We are pleased to offer our assistance on all commercial and technical aspects related to your search for:

  • Food products to complement your range or replace existing ones
  • Food product Suppliers, especially those capable of manufacturing under private labels
  • Information about the Italian food market, specific products or companies

Market knowledge and experience allows us to fully understand your requirements and deliver what serves you best in terms of:

  • product specifications
  • competitive pricing
  • compliance to legal standards and food safety regulations

We will take care of all the steps leading to the initiation of the relationship with a new supplier:

  • Identification and preliminary appraisal of the prospective supplier
  • Product sampling
  • Completion of all technical, administrative and logistical requirements
  • Negotiation of all the terms of supply to finalize a profitable commercial agreement

Link is not committed to the suppliers: through all the above process our sole aim will be to meet buyer’s needs and expectations.