Our mission is to collaborate with international buyers identifying and sourcing Italian food products meeting their requirements.

Link’s hallmark is its independence from food producers. Unlike sales managers or agents, we act in the sole interest of buyers. We are unaffected by the selling policies of producers and focus only on the needs of buyers.

For instance, on the internet, at food exhibitions or during sales presentations, all suppliers present their produce in the most attractive way. Consequently a core part of our service is to know

  • how much of the produce shown is available
  • if the quality is as good and consistent as portrayed
  • the real performance and reliability of the suppliers
  • what rates they grant to top accounts

This knowledge is difficult for buyers to otherwise obtain and is how we can provide a unique service and add real value to their purchasing decisions.

Link’s head-office is located in the heart of Bologna and is easily accessible from the airport or the railway station.

We employ a well trained staff of six, including a technical support, who are constantly in touch with several Italian food product suppliers. Furthermore, we constantly monitor the supply market, to evaluate new companies, products and technologies.