Sourcing Italian food products: six questions every buyer should ask


Before sourcing any new Italian product, especially if you plan to market it under your own brand, you – as an experienced buyer – should be able to answer the following questions:

1.   How many producers can supply the product I am looking for?

2.  How good is their business reputation?

3. How sound is their financial situation?  A troubled supplier can ruin my business and my name in no time, even before the rating agencies can issue any warning.

4.  What is their “prime price”, that is the price they grant to their top customers?  Surely I am not willing to pay more, am I?

5.  How flexible and reliable are they, i.e. capable of developing my private brand?

6.  How much time and money will it cost me to answer the above questions?

You may choose among several options, but perhaps the best way forward is to collaborate with a reliable Italian partner, who works solely in your interest without any additional costs.

This is exactly our job: to help professional buyers source Italian food products.

Why not give us a go today? Just involve us in the product searches you are making currently, and evaluate the results we deliver. And free of any charge for you.


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How to source Italian Food Products