More profit and no hassle:

When we introduce ourselves and promote our services, some buyers answer:

«We prefer to buy directly»

Undoubtedly, they will! We do not take title of the goods, we just provide information to help make an accurate decision .

«We do so to save on commission»

We suggest a different angle: no products make their way from the production line to the consumer’s pantry by themselves. Buyers and sellers will always play a role. As buyers, we’d rather focus on obtaining the lowest prices from reliable suppliers.

In our experience, no large buyer – whether retailer or distributor – declines the advice and collaboration of an Italian expert partner, because he needs:

  • To choose amongst several potential suppliers, when possible
  • To obtain reliable, unbiased information on the proposed suppliers, especially concerning issues that managers on the company’s payroll would never disclose
  • To keep his name confidential, at least in the initial stages of the negotiation
  • To get professional help in all aspects of business: negotiation, logistics, quality control and settlement of all issues that may possibly arise with the seller.

This is what Link is all about!