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We can assist you

We collaborate with international buyers in identifying and sourcing Italian food products, both branded and private labels, which closely match the technical specifications required.

We, Link Srl, are an independent company of Food Industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in the Italian Food sector and are based in Bologna.

Over the years we have acquired noticeable experience and connections in many sectors of Italian food, which enables us to introduce buyers to reliable manufacturers who are fully qualified for a long-term business relationship.

Your main advantages

By partnering with Link, buyers will continue to ‘go directly’: in fact, the suppliers will invoice them, not us, unless differently required. But by dealing with suppliers through us, buyers will reap additional benefits, like:

  • When looking for a product: buyers will save time and money because they will benefit from our experience and a wide network of suppliers with proven reliability
  • When managing the supplier: buyers can rely on us as a local independent partner whose focus is their best interests, not the manufacturer’s sales or profits. And finally…
  • Our services are free: we will not charge any fees for our cooperation.

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Food Facts and Trends

What makes Italian olive oil so good?

What makes Italian olive oil so good?

Italian olive oil is highly regarded and sought after for several reasons, contributing to its reputation for quality and flavour. Here are some factors that make Italian olive oil good.

Gluten-free products in Italy

Gluten-free products in Italy

Gluten-free products in Italy are widely available and have gained significant popularity in recent years. Italy has made considerable efforts to accommodate individuals with gluten-related conditions or those who follow gluten-free diets.


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