Food expos are a staple in the calendar of all international food buyers. Bringing together hundreds of producers and purchasers, they’re often the starting point for long and fruitful commercial relationships. This year, however, many have been cancelled or delayed – leaving both parties with limited options. Given that 2020 is essentially off the cards, here are the shows to look forward to next year, and some tips on how to source new Italian food products in the meantime.



Where? – Parma

When? – 04/05/2021-07/05/2021

One of Italy’s largest food shows, Cibus spans over 135,000 m2 in Parma’s Exhibition centre. It really does cater for everyone – from large, international retailers to family-owned independent shops; it’s a haven for Italian food buyers. Every food category is represented at the show (over 13,000 products were demonstrated in the last show, in 2018), and there’s a multitude of other events to attend, from talks on the latest developments in sustainable packaging to learning sessions on the regionality of Italian food.


Where? – Bologna

When? – 13/01/2021 – 14/01/2021

Marca is Italy’s largest food show dedicated to showcasing producers ready for private label. It’s based in Bologna’s cavernous exhibition centre, and covers core food categories as well as health products. Last year, over 900 Italian producers from all over the country brought their goods to display, taste, and test, and there were over 12,000 visitors over 2 two days. An absolute must for any buyers looking to develop Italian private labels.


Where? – Milan

When? – 17-05-2021 – 20/05/2021

Milan’s TuttoFood expo is aimed primarily at international food buyers, and covers every major food category. Alongside the usual product displays (last time there were over 3,000 suppliers present) and industry talks, there’s also an area dedicated to digital innovation in the food sector. The ‘TuttoDigital’ area will look at how technology is transforming product traceability and logistics.

Sol & Agrifood

Where? – Verona

When? – 18/04/2021 – 21/04/2021

Based in Verona’s huge exhibition centre, Sol & Agrifood brings together hundreds of small to medium-sized producers from across Italy. Although most food categories are represented here, the main event of the show is the internationally-renowned Sol d’Oro olive oil competition, which includes suppliers from all over the world. Alongside the olive oil, however, there are also hundreds of high quality artisanal craft beer producers.



A year is a long time to wait. If you’re currently on the lookout for new Italian producers, then get in touch with the Italian Food Experts. With an extensive network across Italy, we’ll be able to match you with your ideal supplier, regardless of your requirements.