What do we do?

We source Italian Food Products on behalf of professional buyers from a wide range of Italian producers, both large and small.  We match buyers to their ideal product according to a number of criteria before negotiating with the producer and, if an agreement is met, overseeing the transaction and delivery.

Why use us?

Many buyers like to source their products directly from the producer.  This is understandable of course – good business relies on a strong bond of trust.  Working with us, however, buyers can maintain this level of trust whilst reaping various other benefits.  One of these is that with our extensive knowledge of producers throughout Italy in every food category, we can find the product that fits your needs exactly.  Not only can we find your perfect product, but we can also negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.  Combining the expertise and experience of our staff with their substantial professional networks (a fundamental element of Italian business), we are able to propose better prices than if the buyer were to go directly to the producer.  Furthermore, we always make sure to keep the details of buyers and their deals absolutely anonymous and confidential – a particularly important aspect when developing private labels.   All requests made to us are entirely non-committal and free – just ask us and see how we can help you.

Request a free quote

Let us know what Italian Food Product you’re looking for, and we’ll respond to you with all the information you need, including a quote.

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